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Okay. I’m going to get some flames on this one. So if you’re the type, bug off. I’ve been looking around at some of the press Windows Vista is getting. And *dun dun dun* I’m really excited. I know, I know, Microsoft is the devil, Bill Gates/Darth Vader, blah blah blah. But– Hear me out. […]

Geek Humor, Eat ‘Em Up…

Computer Virii Jokes
Your 1.3gb hard drive suddenly shrinks to 80mb and then slowly expands back to 1.3gb.
Every three minutes it tells you what great service you are getting.
Every three minutes it reminds you that you’re paying too much for the AT&T virus.
Terminates and […]

Signs That Technology Has Taken Over Your Life
You have never sat through an entire movie without having at least one device on your body beep or buzz.
You think of the gadgets in your office as “friends,” but you forget to send your father a birthday card.
When you go into a computer store, you eavesdrop on […]

Welcome to Geek Humor once again, Only some of you will get these first ones:
Quick Guide to Programming Languages
The proliferation of modern programming languages (all of which seem to have stolen countless features from one another) sometimes makes it difficult to remember what language you’re currently using. This handy reference is offered as a public […]

Windows 95 is a 32 bit extension for a 16 bit patch to an 8 bit operating system originally coded for a 4 bit microprocessor by a 2 bit company that can’t stand 1 bit of competition.
I only wish I could take credit for figuring that one out, heh. Well as always, Its Sunday […]

Its lovely Geek Humor time again, and I must say out of all the articles I write for migraineheartache. The weekly Geek Humor has got to be the best.
Anyways here’s some good common computing laws to follow:
Murphy’s Laws of Computing
> When computing, whatever happens, behave as though you meant it to happen.
> When […]

Why do all Pascal programmers want to live in Atlantis?
- Because it’s below C level.
Alright, that might have been a little too nerdy for some of the readers, but hey who’s counting? For today’s Geek Humor, I’ve decided to give you a few different examples of the more “Geekier” side of being a “Geek”. […]

Because Geeks Are Funny

I have decided to begin posting some geek humor from time to time. Here is the first try.
First a comic (Click to enlarge):

And now a joke that I will credit to my good geek friend Tyler W., It goes as follows:
Three women are sitting in a bar talking about their love lives.
The first one says, […]

Revolution is not another google search tool…
You will not be able to stay home, dear Netizen.
You will not be able to plug in, log on and opt out.
You will not be able to lose yourself in Final Fantasy,
Or hold your Kazaa Lite download queues,
Or get away without seeding your finished torrents.
Revolution will not be brought […]