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Okay. I’m going to get some flames on this one. So if you’re the type, bug off. I’ve been looking around at some of the press Windows Vista is getting. And *dun dun dun* I’m really excited. I know, I know, Microsoft is the devil, Bill Gates/Darth Vader, blah blah blah. But– Hear me out. […]

The “TV Show” Property

I’ve discovered that the new release of iTunes 6.0.2 allows you to set a video’s “Kind” property to “TV Show” directly within iTunes. If you are an avid user of iTunes’ video cability, you know how saught-after this functionality is. There have been a TON of different apps and hacks that have tried to let […]

Digg Plus

This is a simple php script I threw together so I could easily navigate to the story url rather than the digg url for each feed item. The ‘link’ attribute of each item is set to the url of the stories content.
The source code can be found here.
[Feed Link]

This Is Enough

Ok this is enough, for a few months now, the Music Publishers’ Association or “MPA” have been taking down guitar tab and lyric websites. David Israelite, president of the National Music Publishers’ Association, expressed his so-called “concerns” by saying: “Unauthorised use of lyrics and tablature deprives the songwriter of the ability to make a living, […]

Bathtime Fun

posting entries from the bathtub is fun. i emplore you all to try it. however, if you somehow electricute yourself or fry your laptop in the process, i deny responsibility ;). i guess i really don’t have anything to say. i’m tired but not sleepy. mixtape number two is almost done uploading so look out […]

Turkeys Are For Lovers

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving on this fine thursday afternoon. I hope all is well with all of you and that your holidays are as nerdy and pleasant as mine are. I’ve been working A LOT the past few days. Look out for some really cool stuff coming out of the migraineheartache. […]

Google Is Talking

So I just got wind that the Jabber servers for Google’s new product “Google Talk” are online. Point your Jabber-enabled client over to:
Username: Your Gmail Addy (including ‘’).
Password: Your Gmail password.
Port: 5222
I think you have to say “Use TSL.” I’m not really sure. I use Adium X on OSX and its pretty good at […]

I Feel Empowered

So I’m sure all you faithful readers remember me getting more than a little upset over the website blocking users of the AdBlock Firefox extension from downloading fonts. I myself spoke (via email) with the webmaster of daFont. He understood my position but said that they did have servers to pay for. I completely […]


Forget the video iPod, I want one of these!
Its a cheap knockoff of the Aeron style chairs. Let me summarize: THIS IS THE KIND OF THING GEEKS REALLY DREAM ABOUT AT NIGHT.
From LifeHacker: “The Russell Executive Mesh Chair’s breathable material and ergonomic adjustable parts looks and sits a lot like an Aeron but sells for […]

My New Toy

No, I didn’t buy that Creative thingy-ma-bob. I’m talking about my new favorite “piece of software I should have discovered a long time ago instead of making this incredibly long and useless sentence about it.” Its called “NetNewsWire” and it can be downloaded, learned about, and eventually test-driven over at
I would love to write […]